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Welcome to Four Sisters Jewelry, we are so happy to have you here.  Four Sisters Jewelry is a collaborative project between Gurumeet Cheng and her father Sunder Khalsa. We hope to provide you with our take on fun and fancy jewelry for everyday wear.

Gurumeet is the oldest of four sisters and now has four wonderful daughters of her own!  She went to college at the University of Washington and earned a BFA in metal design with an emphasis on jewelry.  She has grown up working in the jewelry field and loves to design and create jewelry. She is currently working on a collection for our Four Sisters website but her eye and hand can be seen in all of our jewelry.

Sunder Khalsa, started selling jewelry on the streets of Washington DC, hiring a boxer to hold his spot in the early morning hours! From those humble beginnings Sunder has grown his business to a very successful 40 year retail jewelry brand. At the moment he has four locations in the resort beaches of Lewes and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.


Sunder Khalsa is a teacher and guide to many spiritual seekers around the world. He travels regularly teaching Kundalini Yoga and training teachers. He travels to China, Australia, Israel, Japan and Thailand teaching yoga.

We work hard to find the perfect pieces for our customers. We are confident you will find something unique in our shop and we would love to see you there in the near future!

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